After over 20 years in the credit and information industry, Compuscan has committed to a set of values that guide our business principles. These values reflect the passion, trust and respect that we uphold in order to deliver legendary customer experiences.

Our Vision

Our unified vision of becoming the leading provider of data-driven customer growth solutions across all phases of the credit customer life cycle, motivates us to develop innovative and intelligent solutions. We use powerful data and intelligent insights to offer clients a way to minimise risk and maximise profits by delivering the most up-to-date and accurate data.

We have taken our values, vision and mission to heart; unifying them into our manifesto. This manifesto is a declaration of our aims, beliefs, motives, and intentions. It is a representation of who we are and what we stand for, which translates into what we envision our ethos to be.

Our Manifesto

We believe that the core of our existence is data that is diverse, powerful, reliable and safe.

We constantly focus on turning data into intelligence to empower confident decision-making, while relentlessly striving for more.

We produce solutions that create value throughout all phases of the customer lifecycle.

We shed light on risk and illuminate windows of opportunity, enabling profitability and growth.

We are analysts, scientists, engineers, innovators and educators.

We create trends and smart insights.

We love our entrepreneurial roots, our honest and competitive spirit, and building long-term relationships.

We believe in trust, accountability and excellence in everything we do.

We seek out talent and potential; encouraging, collaborating and rewarding.

We enable success; helping businesses, industries, people and economies to prosper.

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